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Company History:
  Ponderosa Sound has been in business since 1990, serving the DFW Metroplex. Starting as a manufacturer of subwoofer enclosures for home and car audio during the boom box era of the 90's. Ponderosa Sound was a pioneer in the industry. Designing and building some of the first home theaters, before home theater was a household word. During which time Ponderosa designed and built some award winning loudspeaker systems. Always with audiophile quality. As time evolved and the industry changed so did Ponderosa Sound. Moving into the commercial market of pro audio, sound distribution, and visual projection. Ponderosa Sound now designs, builds, and sells professionally installed systems for all types of venues.
About the Owner:
  The owner and president of Ponderosa Sound has been interested in sound systems and loudspeakers since his youth. He started out building speaker enclosures, loading them with the drivers, designing the crossover systems, and enjoying the great sound and satisfaction that resulted. He always had an interest in audio electronics which attributes to his knowledge of speaker applications, a pursuit for quality components allowing him to assemble great sound stereo loudspeaker systems, and an attention to detail making for clean quality installations.

Our goals are to design and assemble a system that best suits your needs and your budget.

Thank you for considering Ponderosa Sound for your venue.

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